We use 3mm thick ACM panels to provide the most durable, rigid, and long-lasting support for your art. ACM panels do not react to relative humidity and other environmental changes, providing a very stable support for artwork. For larger sizes up to 5ft by 10ft we use a 6mm thick Gridpanel.

We cut Artefex ACM panels to standard sizes but we also cut custom panels in any shape or size you don’t see above. 

We import premium Italian canvas for all Artefex panels. Before settling on Belle Arti canvas we tested a range of canvases on ACM panels and found Belle Arti canvas to be the best on rigid ACM panels. This canvas has the fewest imperfections in the weave which makes them ideal for mounting on rigid ACM panels. 

Finally we inspect and stamp every panel before sending it to you. This stamp represents an insurance policy not just for artists but for collectors. Your artwork is safe on an Artefex panel for generations.