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Candice Bohannon

Artefex panels are my #1 choice for professional quality pre-made artist panels. I use them for everything from a quick alla prima painting to a finished gallery work. There are no panels I know of that are more durable, or created with higher quality materials. I choose to paint on Artefex panels because I know that these supports will last hundreds of years, are created using the best quality modern materials, and because I trust their product line. I love having my pre-primed Artefex panels on hand when I am ready to paint, it allows me to start a new work on the spot while the inspiration still has hold of me.”

About the Artist

Born in 1982 and having grown up in a rural area of northern California, Bohannon developed an aesthetic for the wild beauty of nature early in life. Born with a passion and desire to create works of art, Candice pursued the life of a fine artist. She studied painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and philosophy at the Laguna College of Art and Design, graduating with honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. Her paintings have been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, Southwest Art, The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist, Artists and Poets, Professional Artist Magazine, ArtSee, and multiple art books. Candice has exhibited in museums and fine art galleries throughout the United States. Her work has received numerous honors including: Fine Art Connoisseur’s Award of Excellence in 2013, multiple awards from Art Renewal Center including 2nd Place in Figurative Painting 2016, 1st Place in The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition in 2012, and the Portrait Society of America’s Certificate of Excellence in 2012.

Bohannon’s artwork consists of deeply compassionate, penetrating and emotive figurative pieces along with intensely studied works from life and nature. It is contemporary yet naturalistic, soulful yet rational, and explores upon the deeply complex nature of human existence. Her body of work hums with quiet intensity, it is expressive, thoughtful, and captures the haunting beauty of the natural world.

Artist Statement

“I strive to portray the real yet intangible emotions, experiences, memories, and expectations of a living being, to capture the glimmer of life, the ethereal nature of the human soul, and our eternal search for comfort and familiarity in the sublime unknown. “

Candice's Favorite Artefex Panels