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We use 3mm thick ACM panels to provide the most durable, rigid, and long-lasting support for your art. ACM panels do not react to relative humidity and other environmental changes, providing a very stable support for artwork. For larger sizes up to 5ft by 10ft we use a 6mm thick Gridpanel.

We cut Artefex ACM panels to standard sizes but we also cut custom panels in any shape or size you don’t see above.

Finally we inspect and stamp every panel before sending it to you. This stamp represents an insurance policy not just for artists but for collectors. Your artwork is safe on an Artefex panel for generations.

 This weather-resistant panel is ideal for a wide range of paint mediums and mounting applications including:

• Acrylic
• Casein tempera
• Egg tempera
• Glue tempera
• Oil
• Oil-alkyd


Artefex ACM panels offer a superior support for painting and mounting compared to wood panels because ACM panels have very low response to environmental changes, such as relative humidity (RH) and temperature. This is a professional panel for painting when primed with acrylic, alkyd or oil-based primers or for mounting canvas and paper.

Preparing the Panel for Mounting and Painting

Note: Use only the coated side of the panel for painting and mounting.

• Remove the protective film from the coated side slowly and carefully to avoid static build-up.

• Pre-clean the panel surface with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, using non-colored cloth for best results. It is important not to use solvents, soaps or liquid cleaning materials as they may leave a film residue that can affect adhesion. Additionally, cleaners containing silicone can interfere with adhesion and are not recommended. A 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol is recommended as the only cleaning material.

• Scuff the surface with abrasive paper, preferably using a grain size of 360 grit. Do not grind through the coating to the aluminum metal.

• Remove dust with a lint-free cloth moistened with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.

• For coating and mounting, please follow the instructions of the coating or the adhesive manufacturer.


Hints for Better Mounting and Painting Results

• Acclimate the panel to room temperature prior to use—especially when the panel has been stored at low temperature.

• Avoid fluctuating humidity or environments that are too dry—this can lead to static build-up.

• Do not touch panel surfaces with bare hands and do not allow any liquid cleaning materials or solvents (except ethyl or isopropyl alcohol) to dry on the panel surface.

• If the panel has a protective film, this should be removed slowly and carefully to avoid static build-up.

• For best results, sweep the panel surface with ionized air prior to painting or mounting and consistently apply measures to reduce static build-up.

• Do not subject the panel to heat exceeding a maximum of 80° C (175° F).