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Featured Artist

Grant Gilsdorf

 “My go-to panel is the 574 Allinpanel. It is an extra-fine Linen wrapped adhered to a sandwich of aluminum composite panels with a polyethylene core. What that means for you as an artists… you get a completely rigid panel with no bounce, combined with a smooth surface with just the right amount of grab to it. The acrylic finish allows me to easily tone or build up a base before diving in with oils. Most importantly, With these panels I can achieve more details, finer lines, and realism on a scale that I don’t achieve with other products. The 574 Acrylic Primed Linen is my secret weapon.”

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About Grant Gilsdorf

A Short Autobiography

Grant Gilsdorf (American, b.1984)  is a confident and cogent figurative painter, as interested in political and social issues as he is in empathy for his fellow human beings. The final product of his art is difficult to place in the lane of a singular genre. His oil paintings combine elements of realism, symbolism, storytelling, and portraiture in a uniquely spellbinding fashion. His ability to distill complex concepts into a concise visual dialogue is evidence of a rare acuity.

Grant's Art Career

The past couple of years have seen Grant’s work grow significantly in recognition. His work is held in private collections and has been covered in various blogs, magazines, and books. Grant Gilsdorf makes and teaches art in Columbus, OH and exhibits nationally.

:star::star::star::star::star: There’s no other product that cares about quality as much as Artefex does. No other product allows me to achieve that much detail or those fine lines. It’s the smoothest, the most rigid, most durable surface that I have ever encountered and I tell people all the time it’s my secret weapon. So if you’re making art that you hope lasts beyond you, then you’ve got to choose the brand that creates lasting surfaces. I choose Artefex.

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