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Metal Leafing on ACM

2020 was the year I fell in love with Artefex panels! 

I was able to test out multiple surfaces and textures, which is one of my favorite things about Artefex panels, aside from being very lightweight. Also, they are impervious to warping, which is a huge struggle for me when using wood panels. While working on a smooth, custom AMC panel, I was experimenting with silver leaf (I say experiment because Gilding can sometimes be unpredictable) and the experience was incredible! 

I have been using metal leafs on my paintings for a couple of years and have had mediocre results. On canvas the texture doesn’t allow for a flawless finish, on wood the grain can show through, and on masonite board (another smooth surface Ive used for painting in the past) the leaf applies nicely, but the warping is an added headache.  

When applying the leaf to the AMC panel it went on perfectly, the texture was so smooth you could see every crease in the leaf which is something I particularly love about adding metal leaf to paintings. 

My client was happy with this piece and they then asked to commission another. During that time I had been painting smaller pieces on the Oleopanel in eggshell texture (410). I love the eggshell texture for my smaller gestural pieces because it gives the appearance of thick paint when 
in reality it’s only 1 or 2 layers.

When I placed the order for another custom AMC panel I completely forgot that I had done the first commission on a smooth panel and I ordered the egg shell finish! I was at first a little worried and was unsure how the leaf would apply to this texture surface, but gilding is an experiment, so I decided to give it a try. 

The application was no different from the smooth panel, and the final look was just as visually appealing!
The egg shell texture underneath the leaf gives a ‘painted’ look to the leaf, which is something I always like. 

I decided to experiment on the egg shell texture once more. This time, on a smaller panel, I sketched out a study of a girl wrapped in a blanket, standing in front of a foggy window (left). For the window I applied the silver leaf, and this time for added texture I brushed the leaf in tiny circular motions.
It was nice to have the added texture of the egg shell and still have the reflective properties of the leaf show through. 

I hope to experiment with more textures and more leafs going into 2021!

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