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cotton polyester blend

How To Choose The Right Allinpanel

When I began painting full-time 14 years ago, my goal was (and still is) to become the very best at what I do, and I reasoned to achieve that goal, I needed to use the very best materials. That meant searching out to find the best brushes and the best paints, and especially the very best surfaces to paint on.

Is 538 Allinpanel Your Favorite Panel?

I will start out by acknowledging I am an incredibly picky painter. I hold unreasonably high standards for myself and my work, and this rubs off on my standards for the supplies that I use. I am also, however, incredibly impatient. This means I just want to buy something, have it be perfect, and start painting.
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Favorite Panel

Artefex Allinpanel™ is a professional art panel for oil painting with 100% linen canvas oil-primed in Italy and adhered with BEVA 371 film to a two-sided aluminum composite panel, consisting of two aluminum sheets laminated to both sides of a black polyethylene core. This panel is 3mm thick and is available in Medium (536), Fine (537), and Extra Fine (538) in sizes from 8 x 10 to 20 x 24 inches.

How to hang?

The way you hang your art is an vital finishing step in your artistic process. Check out the most common ways to hang our panels. If you prefer to frame your art, our thin and light weight Artefex panels are super easy to fit in any frame.

Where to Start?

Picking up a blank canvas can be daunting. Especially one as special as an Artefex Panel. Compare 3 different panels with our trial pack for $20, or get every panel we make for only $150!  Free shipping on all of our trial packs!

Panel Comparison

Compare different panels to make sure you get the perfect one for your painting style and medium.



The basic rule is that you can paint with oils on Acryclic grounds but you can’t paint with Acrylics on an Oil ground.

We recommend you varnish all oil paintings. It is important to to wait at least 6 months before varnishing, as it takes at least that long for oil paintings to dry. If you varnish, you will protect your art from the back and the front, ensuring your artwork has the best chance to stand the test of time.

We do not recommend painting directly on unprimed aluminum. Think of your aluminum panels as the stretcher bars on traditional stretched canvas. Its what supports the surface you paint on, not the painting surface itself.