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Tempera Painting
Panels for Artists

This is where tradition meets modernity in the world of painting supports! Introducing Artefex Tempanels – a revolutionary solution for professional painters seeking a sleek and modern alternative to traditional wood boards.


Discover our collection of high-quality tempera painting panels.

Enhance Your Tempera Painting Experience

Traditionally, painters would turn to wood boards primed with a gesso chalk ground for their tempera painting endeavors. The allure lay in the highly absorbent and smooth surface, perfect for achieving the desired results. Now, we bring you Artefex Tempanels, redefining the way artists work with this time-honored medium.

Our Tempanels proudly feature the Rublev Tempera ground, a meticulously formulated vinyl ground that delivers a highly absorbent and flawlessly smooth surface. This innovative ground beautifully captures the essence of traditional painting grounds while offering a contemporary edge.

What sets Artefex Tempanels apart is the incorporation of aluminum composite panels (ACM) as the backing. This addition ensures the ultimate protection for the delicate surface, creating a perfect marriage between the ground and the panel. The result? A durable, modern canvas that preserves the time-tested qualities artists cherish.

Elevate your craft, embrace the future, and paint your masterpiece on a panel that honors the past.

Superior Quality

A perfect primer for our panels. Check out Koo Schadlers article on comparing different painting surfaces for tempera painting.

Versatile Options

Choose from primed, paper or canvas clad panel options


Artefex Copper Artist Panel is a professional art panel for oil painting on a copper composite panel, consisting of a copper and an aluminum sheet laminated to both sides of a plastic core. Artefex Copper Artist Panels offer a superior support for painting compared to wood panels because Copper Artist Panels have very low response to environmental changes, such as relative humidity (RH) and temperature.

How to hang?

The way you hang your art is an vital finishing step in your artistic process. Check out the most common ways to hang our panels. If you prefer to frame your art, our thin and light weight Artefex panels are super easy to fit in any frame.

Where to Start?

Picking up a blank canvas can be daunting. Especially one as special as an Artefex Panel. Compare 3 different panels with our trial pack for $20, or get every panel we make for only $150!  Free shipping on all of our trial packs!

Panel Comparison

Compare different panels to make sure you get the perfect one for your painting style and medium.

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