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Create stunning mixed media artworks with ease

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The nature of working in mixed media requires the surface to be able to handle more stress than traditional mediums. With Artefex panels weather you are using alcohol inks and need a surface that can wipe off easily or resin, that can warp thinner and less sturdy panels, you can rest assured that you will find a panel for your needs. With a variety of types of panels and custom options as large as 5’x10′, you can find the perfect panel for your artistic needs.

Tammy Decaro working extra large with resin pour on Artefex panels

As large as you need with no compromise. This is how Artefex helped Tammy with a giant project of 30 plus panels! “I started looking for alternatives to my usual painting supports. Mainly due to weight and the fact that the client wanted a very low profile coming off the wall.”

Superior Quality

Experience the difference with our watercolor painting panels.

Versatile Options

Choose from primed, paper or canvas clad panel options

Mixed Media Panels

Explore our wide range of professional panels.

How to hang?

The way you hang your art is an vital finishing step in your artistic process. Check out the most common ways to hang our panels. If you prefer to frame your art, our thin and light weight Artefex panels are super easy to fit in any frame.

Where to Start?

Picking up a blank canvas can be daunting. Especially one as special as an Artefex Panel. Compare 3 different panels with our trial pack for $20, or get every panel we make for only $150!  Free shipping on all of our trial packs!

Panel Comparison

Compare different panels to make sure you get the perfect one for your painting style and medium.

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